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Friday, February 27, 2009

How Getting Very High Traffic For New Blog

If you have new blog and want your blog popular faster, this is special trick to increase traffic into your blog.
You’ve probably seen several blog submission lists, many of which you don't know if the links actually work or just a list of what is out there. Listing your blog in directories and search engines allow you to have more visibility and in most cases, get quality links that actually works, not to mention increasing your traffic. Given
the vast amount of places available, it is difficult to judge where exactly should we list our blogs.

I have compiled a list of directories and search engines, that I suggest you get your blogs listed, as these are reliable. Some require simple registration, and some will require ownership verification. You can submit your blogs to all of them or just a few, make your choice. What is important is that you do.

This is 25 Top Blog Directories and Search Engines will increase blog traffic quickly.

1. Google Blog Search
2. Yahoo Blogs Directory
3. Yahoo Local
6. DMoz
15.Best of the Web
18.Eaton Web

Now, submit your new blog to all list i was written. I sure your new blog traffic will increase quickly.
Don't forget the quality content about your blog.

(taken from qassia)

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